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"Madam President, it was the Greek philosopher Democritus who said, ‘it is greed to do all the talking but not to want to listen at all’. These words came to mind when I heard President Barroso state, in relation to the EU budget, that ‘it would be the greatest surprise of my life if Member States starting supporting me. If they did, I would be worried I was doing something wrong’. Surely in these words Mr Barroso sums up what is wrong with the Commission. Undemocratic, unaccountable, out-of-touch and, most worryingly of all, it does not care. It is consumed by greed not just for money but for talking. The MFF has many flaws. It is unjustifiable that any increases be proposed at this time of austerity across Member States. UK contributions to the EU are to rise by EUR 1.5 billion a year at a time when our hospitals are understaffed, our schools are closing and pensions are being sacrificed. The City of London, our financial capital, is being attacked and undermined through financial taxes. Mr Cameron, it is important that you continue to veto such a proposal."@en1

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