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"The vote on the Langen report on over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives further reinforces Parliament’s priority of regulating the financial markets and fighting speculation, the main factor in market instability at a time of crisis. Parliament has defined its position at first reading on the proposal for a regulation in line with what has already been suggested both by the European Commission and by the G20 mandate, which calls for a strengthening of the system within which OTC derivatives work, in order to provide more transparency and greater risk management. It is necessary, in fact, to provide the relevant European and national authorities with all the tools they need to supervise and control the derivatives market, including more information on the nature of derivative transactions and on the contracts entered into by counterparties. We now expect the Council to get over the splits between Member States and offer the opening needed in this area, so that the wholesale reform of European financial markets can come to fruition."@en1

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