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"− The Dess report adopted by this House is entirely consistent with the guidelines already set by the European Commission. It calls for the common agricultural policy for 2014-2020 to be reviewed in order to meet the challenges of environmental sustainability, job creation and guaranteed high-quality, safe food. In adopting this text, the European Parliament is demonstrating its opposition to regressive tendencies and proposing that the future CAP budget remain at least at the same level as the 2013 budget, thereby ensuring that farmers receive the support they need to invest in new technologies, a crucial step if this sector is to remain competitive. The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament has made a decisive contribution – partly as a result of the numerous amendments tabled both in the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and in plenary – to achieving a convincing result, thereby sending a clear message to the European Commission ahead of the legislative proposals scheduled for October."@en1

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