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"− The tragic earthquake in Japan is an incentive for Europe to look more deeply at the consequences of nuclear technology use and its impact on the safety of European citizens. In adopting the report on the proposal for a directive on the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, Parliament is showing that it is particularly sensitive to this issue and demonstrating a clear desire to find common, definitive solutions to the storage of nuclear waste in Europe. By calling for common minimum standards for all the Member States, we are encouraging their governments to invest in new technologies, with a view to obtaining rapid, concrete results in relation to the disposal of this extremely hazardous waste. I therefore welcome two amendments tabled by the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament calling for Parliament and the Council to co-decide on matters relating to nuclear energy use and endorsing the fundamental ban on waste exports to third countries, a ban which demonstrates Parliament’s determination to shoulder its responsibilities. Parliament’s vote is therefore a further step towards the gradual abandonment of nuclear energy, in favour of sustainable energy solutions that are safe for the public."@en1

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