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"The European Parliament has brought an end to the long legislative procedure on the Consumer Rights Directive by adopting the Schwab report, which is a satisfactory compromise with the Council and the Commission. Two important steps have thus been taken. On the one hand, we have adopted a single legislative instrument on consumer rights, which provides harmonisation and takes over from the four previous directives in this area. On the other hand, we have laid down detailed rules for buying and selling online, in order to promote cross-border trade and to guarantee transparency for both businesses and consumers. The new directive lays down aspects that are intended to give greater protection to the European consumer, such as the information to be contained in sale contracts, delivery times, the right of withdrawal, and the right to repair or replacement of a defective product, as well as the cases in which the risk is transferred from the vendor to the consumer. Although yet more detailed rules may be laid down in future, the text that has been adopted represents a positive compromise in the harmonisation of existing regulations, guaranteeing secure purchases and putting a definitive end to typical sharp practices that hide behind electronic purchasing."@en1

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