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"− Europe needs stronger and more Community-based economic governance. However, the package of measures being voted on today wrongly reflects the tendency of the current centre-right majority to view governance as a mere austerity exercise, by strengthening the preventive and corrective dimension of the Stability and Growth Pact without outlining mechanisms and instruments for supporting investment and development. One cannot accept the reverse majority rule and tougher parameters and sanctions without a golden rule to protect Member States’ investments and without Eurobonds to fund European investments and, at the same time, to guarantee sovereign debt. This is not a good enough formula for tackling the crisis and it is destined to make it worse. That is why we will vote against this and the other reports on fiscal surveillance. Moreover, we will fight to take European economic policy in a different direction and, at the same time, to strengthen the Community method and the EU’s instruments and resources."@en1

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