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". The European Union, including Hungary, can only maintain its leading position in combating climate change by introducing new technological and economic solutions and through continuous innovation. Hungary could be a real winner where green economic growth is concerned. Our country still possesses CO emission allowances worth several billion HUF, which should be put on sale again by the government as soon as possible. Given the abundance of resources, we could produce huge quantities of raw material for bioenergy production. This is why I find it incomprehensible that the new Hungarian rural strategy excludes assistance for agricultural raw material production aimed at energy production. It is high time the Hungarian government made a commitment to extend renewable energy utilisation, and supported innovative national development. The EU, which is currently responsible for only 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions, cannot stop climate change by itself. In large emerging countries such as China, Brazil, India or Russia, environmental consciousness is increasing, and immense markets may open up for European companies in alternative energy sectors. However, European companies will only be competitive on these markets if they are motivated by the European regulatory environment to pursue continuous innovation and development. This is why we need to adopt ambitious CO emission targets. Thanks to the positive CO balance of the new Member States, the emissions of the EU27 have already decreased by 17% compared with the 1990 level. Therefore, raising this target to 30% by 2020 is very realistic."@en1

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