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"Measures aimed at setting reduction targets even higher are detrimental to European industry as a whole. The pressure put on industry by climate policy will mean relocations to countries whose policies in this area demonstrate more common sense. On a global scale, this will not reduce emissions of gases which are harmful to the climate. The phenomenon of ‘carbon leakage’, or the relocation of industry outside the EU’s borders, is not a myth, but a real threat to economic growth and jobs in Europe. According to the World Bank’s report, implementation of the European climate and energy package will mean a loss to the Polish economy of 1.4% of GDP annually until 2020, and a loss to the EU as a whole of 0.55%. The World Bank also estimates that electricity prices will rise by around 26.2% in Poland, and by 12.6% in the EU as a whole. The EU’s previous target of a 20% reduction in CO emissions is already hard to swallow for Polish and Central European industry, due to the high proportion of coal used in their power industries. We accepted this challenge, however, and set about fulfilling our obligations. Poland cannot afford to increase the target for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to 30%. One solution would be for the Member States to join a CO emissions reduction club, on a voluntary basis. I would call for common sense to prevail during tomorrow’s vote, against ambitions to reduce CO which are economically unfounded."@en1

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