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"The economies of certain EU Member States, including that of my own country, Poland, are already suffering the harmful effects of the arbitrarily imposed climate and energy package, used as a tool to implement the political objective of 3 x 20. However this political objective is often misrepresented as well: people talk about a 20% drop in energy consumption, yet the actual objective is a 20% increase in energy efficiency, which is not the same thing. The term ‘efficiency’ is often used incorrectly in EU documents, due to a misunderstanding of the term ‘energy efficiency’ and methods for its assessment, or in other words whether we are talking about national gross efficiency or efficiency per capita, or conversion efficiency, for example the conversion of primary energy into useful work. An emphasis on increasing efficiency, instead of on limiting consumption, will result in technological innovations being prioritised, which will be to our advantage. Such innovations hold the greatest potential for limiting emissions, by even more than the target of 20%. The Member States should have the right to make their own choices in respect of methods and timetables for limiting emissions, mainly through increased efficiency. In the case of Poland, this relates mainly to the enormous potential represented firstly by the wholesale improvement of new and old buildings in terms of thermal efficiency, and secondly by the widespread replacement of old thermal power plants in residential buildings with modern thermal electric power plants. The climate and energy package needs to be revised in order to ensure that the Member States are better adapted to reducing emissions."@en1

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