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"I take this opportunity to express my opposition to a unilateral increase in the European target for greenhouse gas emission reductions to beyond 20% by 2020, given the lack of a global climate agreement involving all the major emitters. It should not be forgotten, in fact, that the European Union is still the only area in the world to have adopted legally binding emission reduction targets. The immediate consequence of that is that European industry is exposed to strong competition from global competitors that are not bound by the same constraints. In my opinion, therefore, the Union’s priority should first of all be to achieve the 20-20-20 targets set by the Climate and Energy Package, which are already very ambitious. That is the only way we can define an environmental policy for the Union that enables European businesses to remain competitive at global level in order to sustain economic growth and especially job creation. In conclusion, I share the concerns expressed by Italian industry representatives that industry is currently not in a position to sign up to more ambitious commitments than those already established by the European Council and confirmed by the Commission in the Emissions Trading Directive."@en1

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