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"Madam President, the public expects us, as politicians, to be pragmatic, rational and efficient in all of our actions. Taxpayers can forgive us many things, but they will not forgive us if we spend their money and have nothing to show for it. When we discuss global warming, we should approach it as a rational project. Let us leave aside for a moment issues relating to the legitimacy or otherwise of this theory, which formed the basis of our political decisions on this issue. We are aware that the science is disputed, but we do not wish to resolve this dispute here. I should however like to highlight the fact that a characteristic feature of greenhouse gases is that they know no borders. Even if the European Union adopts the tightest possible limits on greenhouse gas emissions, the outcome will be the same if China, India and other developing countries do not also adopt such limits at the same time. In addition to the fact that European taxpayers’ pockets will be hit, unemployment will rise if production is limited, and jobs will move outside the borders of the European Union. In view of the above, let us act rationally if we are to act at all on this matter, so that this is a global process, for only then will it be effective. If it is true that a month’s worth of greenhouse gas emissions in China corresponds to an annual 20% decrease in Europe, then this says a lot."@en1

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