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"Madam President, in 10 days’ time Poland will take over the presidency of the European Union, and therefore we should keep a close check on what is happening in Poland. The quality of democracy can be measured by the way in which the opposition is treated. In Poland, unfortunately, a witch-hunt is being conducted against the opposition, and the courts have joined in. In the case involving the former prime minister and leader of the opposition, Jarosław Kaczyński, a court has ordered that he undergo psychiatric tests. This is especially mean in view of the fact that the only reason for ordering him to undergo such tests was that he admitted that he had used sedatives after the Smolensk tragedy, in which his brother, sister-in-law and many of his friends died. There was nothing unusual in this, and it is backed up by the appropriate medical documentation. This turn of events is deplorable since it has a European subtext, and we will see its culmination on 6 July. It is on this date that Jarosław Kaczyński will undergo psychiatric tests, while Donald Tusk is to deliver an inauguration speech in Strasbourg for his presidency of the European Union. I hope that the international community will protest against the abuse of psychiatric tests for political battles, following the model of the Soviet Union and Belarus."@en1

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