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"Madam President, the EU does not interfere with the administrative affairs of its Member States. It is important to highlight this, because today some Romanian politicians explain the necessity of administrative reorganisation by claiming that this is the only way Romania can receive more money from the Structural Funds. The current debate in Romania is about a reform that would create eight NUTS 2 level administrative units from the current 41 counties that are NUTS 3 administrative units, while ignoring geographical, economic, social and cultural realities. The main debates concern the Romanian Hungarians in particular, because this native national community, despite the provisions enshrined in the relevant convention of the Council of Europe, would not represent a majority in any of the new administrative units and would lose its rights to set up a local government. The EU has to ensure that Member States not only expect the EU itself to observe the principle of subsidiarity, but that they, too, ensure that decision making takes place as close to the citizens as possible."@en1

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