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"The subject of the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste is highly topical. Recent events in Japan have once again highlighted the immediate risks which affect workers and citizens who are exposed to radioactive material. We have many tonnes of radioactive waste in Europe which people have to move about. I am pleased that we can lay the foundations which will help to protect these people’s health throughout the whole of Europe. We have produced a report in Parliament which is based on the Commission’s technical report and which puts the focus on people, including employees of transport companies and plants which work with radioactive waste and employees at the final storage sites. Therefore, the members of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs have focused on protecting the workers involved by putting in place safety measures, health protection measures and training for employees on the subject of radioactive waste. Economic interests must never be given a higher priority than the health of workers and citizens. Therefore, we need comprehensive documentation of all the waste and its management, while it remains harmful to people and the environment. I am pleased that so many of our requirements have been included in the final report by the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy."@en1

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