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"The European Union produces more that 40 000 m3 of radioactive waste each year, 80% is short-lived low-level radioactive waste and about 5% is long-lived low-level radioactive waste. It is important that the Union will implement a Directive on the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste. Romania is among those Member States which are in favour of having the possibility to export radioactive waste to third countries. Spent fuel from research reactors in Romania needs to be either repatriated to the country of origin, Russia or the United States or exported to third countries in special cases. For this reason I cannot support the export ban proposal in this report. As nuclear energy will remain part of the Member States’ energy mix in the future it is important that such a report is adopted successfully in the plenary session of this Parliament. Spent fuels should be moved out of pools and into dry storage as soon as possible and high priority should be placed on the oldest radioactive wastes. Furthermore, it is important that citizens have confidence in the principles governing the safety of repositories and in waste management programmes."@en1

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