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"Madam President, I would first of all like to thank Romana Cizelj for her fine report, which I sincerely hope will allow us to move closer towards adopting the subsequent directive on radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. Europe definitely needs rules and a legal framework for establishing mandatory requirements for ensuring the highest possible level of safety, which both we and Europe’s citizens want so much. However, establishing such safety solely within Europe is no great achievement. On the contrary, if activities involving nuclear energy are carried out in proximity to the European Union’s borders according to rules and standards which are lower than those in Europe, this is already a cause for concern for us and Europe’s citizens. The reason for this is that nuclear incidents do not respect geographical borders. How can we spread the application of high European standards to other countries? The only really practical means of doing this is through cooperation with such countries and running joint projects. This is why I think that it is very important to implement the first amendment tabled in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, which allows the possibility of exporting spent fuel and radioactive waste to third countries, if standards are applied in these countries which are as high as ours. Refusing Member States this practical opportunity deprives them of the most effective means of disseminating our high European requirements. By this I mean cooperation and joint radioactive waste treatment projects. Let us put aside the moral doubts that the European nuclear industry will take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of unsuitable waste at other countries’ expense. This is not seriously going to happen. I strongly urge the Commission to adopt a more constructive stance on this issue."@en1

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