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"Madam President, Commissioner, any country that is not in control of how to process its own waste should not be allowed to use the technology that has produced the waste. No country should become another country’s dustbin. This is why we must support the Commission’s position on exporting waste and the ban, and why we must be extremely strict on any bilateral agreements that may be entered into. Secondly, nuclear waste should be governed by common law, but with stricter rules. The definition that has been put to us is less than a minimum standard. In reality, it does not actually define waste, since if we take it to its logical conclusion, there will never be nuclear waste because we will always be able to think up a new technological solution. I find this irresponsible. Lastly, the cost of dismantling and the cost of waste disposal should be properly incorporated into the price of nuclear energy, which unfortunately is not the case at present. We cannot try to apply the ‘polluter pays’ principle if we are not going to be completely strict and responsible in the way we control prices."@en1

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