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"Madam President, the nuclear power debate often separates us into different camps. We are for or against, we want a quick decommissioning and phasing out or no phasing out at all. However, when it comes to nuclear safety, the position that we are all starting from is quite different. In this case, we agree that we want the highest possible level of safety, and that of course also applies to the nuclear waste that we will be responsible for, irrespective of how long we continue to use nuclear power – and so will many, many generations after us. The waste must be dealt with in the absolutely best way possible and the EU directive must be structured so that it genuinely meets these objectives. One issue that is particularly important is that of the export of nuclear waste that several speakers have already mentioned. It must be possible for EU Member States to continue to enter into agreements among themselves regarding the waste, but we must not export it to countries outside the EU. That is a moral imperative, and we must fulfil it."@en1

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