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"Madam President, while the European Union is trying to find a solution for the storage and disposal of so-called spent fuel, in the United States and Russia these are considered as economically sound sources of energy. Spent fuel generated by nuclear plants today can easily be used as fuel in fourth-generation molten-salt reactors. The application of the proton accelerator method using a lead-bismuth target opens up even greater possibilities. Long-lived high-level radioactive isotopes generated by nuclear plants are basically non-hazardous: they could be transmuted into short-lived low level isotopes, while enabling the facility to function as an electricity-producing power plant. The fact that these reactors are also capable of being powered by thorium, and our stocks of this material are 10 times higher than those of uranium, is another advantage. These reactors are powered by a fraction of the critical mass of fissile material, which means that the occurrence of a spontaneous nuclear chain reaction is impossible. Unless we start to introduce and apply the new technology immediately, we will fall behind the leading edge of research and development and economy once more."@en1

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