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". Madam President, nuclear waste is a problem we just have to deal with. Even if all nuclear reactors were shut down tomorrow, there would still be a legacy of waste from half a century of nuclear generation and from a variety of other activities. Since we cannot just wish it out of existence, we need to deal with nuclear waste in the most responsible way possible. That means making sure that radioactive waste remains under EU control and scrutiny. Once nuclear waste is outside European borders, we cannot guarantee how it is managed. For that reason, the ALDE Group strongly supports the Commissioner’s position and insists on maintaining the status quo. The export of radioactive waste to third countries must be banned. A particular problem with nuclear waste is the sheer timescale of the danger that it poses. Ten thousand years ago we were living in caves. How can we possibly know what human society and Planet Earth will look like ten thousand years from now? For that reason we have to future-proof the decisions that we take today. At the moment the geological storage of nuclear waste may very generally seem to be the least worst option, but advances in science could potentially turn that conclusion on its head. I therefore welcome the Commissioner’s remarks on this. For that reason, including the revision clause in this directive is common sense. Finally, I have to point out, as a number of colleagues before me have done, just how absurd it is that the European Parliament is merely consulted and has no real say on this directive, upon which the safety of so many future generations depends."@en1

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