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"Adoption of the economic governance package proves yet again that the European project is still alive and that it is on the basis of conciliation among the 27 that the Member States will overcome their difficulties and, at the same time, confront the challenges of the future. The sovereign public debt crisis shows that the current supervisory and remedial mechanisms are inadequate. The measures put to the vote today seek to strengthen the instruments that are not working, and therefore it is essential that they are put into practice. The debt criterion, as approved in the Treaty of Maastricht, is at last made operational in this new package and will now actually be applied. The institutionalisation of the European semester, the enhancement of the dialogue between the European institutions and national bodies, the role of Parliament and the Commission throughout the monitoring process, as well as greater and more effective supervision are all ways of achieving intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. However, I must stress that the success of Europe’s economic policy must also depend on other, complementary measures to support investment and growth in the Member States. Europe must focus on a common strategy, but it must not forget the specific features of each country."@en1

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