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"As usual, on the pretext of sorting out problems that you have caused yourselves, you are imposing on us more Europe and more Commission power: this Commission that is little more than a handful of civil servants appointed with no democratic oversight, but that has been set up as a censor and slave-driver that will have the right to impose sanctions on Member States. Your pseudo economic governance goes far beyond budgetary oversight. It is nothing short of imposing oversight on our peoples and nations. This is an application of the doctrine of limited sovereignty that was so close to the heart of that great democrat Brezhnev, except instead of tanks we have financial penalties. I am not exaggerating: one of these reports feels it necessary to state that in the event of a change in majority after an election, the new government must obtain authorisation before altering its predecessor’s budget priorities, and even then can only do so around the edges. As for the priorities themselves, they are those imposed by the European Union: repaying private creditors, reassuring the markets, dismantling social security and accelerating liberalisation at every turn, in keeping with the EU 2020 strategy. This is not correcting mistakes, improving public management or preventing another Greek situation: this is democracy held at gunpoint."@en1

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