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"Mr President, I am grateful for all the contributions that have been made to this debate, and I would like to express my very special thanks – because I did not do so just now – for the crucial role played in all this by Mrs Bowles, the Chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. I want to point out that this economic governance package brings greater transparency for the institutions and a better and larger role for Parliament. The package also forms part of the euro’s defences. Anyone who believes that the very best solutions for growth are not here must also admit that they do not know of any country that fails to grow if its public accounts are in order. Countries that show budgetary discipline are countries with economies that grow, and we must not forget that. That is the example that we must set here. That is the example that is being followed right now, for instance, in my country. I also want to put a question to all the Members of this Parliament: can you say that this economic governance package is worse today than when it arrived here? Can you say that no improvements have been made to it by this House? You cannot say that, because it is not true. This economic governance package today is better than the Commission’s initial proposal, and it is better because of the many contributions made by the Members of this House. That is why we have to give our citizens a very clear answer. We want a growing European economy. We want stability. We certainly want transparency. To achieve all that, however, we must show a sense of responsibility at voting time tomorrow; we must necessarily vote responsibly and choose our partners very well. For my part, my choice is very clear: I will be voting for a better Europe and a better European economy."@en1

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