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"Mr President, the line being taken by the governments of the core Member States of the EU, the European Commission and the European Central Bank can be clearly identified. New rescue packages are being put together for Greece, billions of euros of taxpayers’ money is being put at risk and plans are being drawn up for economic governance for the whole of Europe, as we have just heard. The main aim of the Commission's proposals is to tighten up the regulations of the Stability and Growth Pact. In future, compliance with the Maastricht criteria will be enforced by imposing much tougher penalties. However, this pact has not worked in the past and I am assuming that it will not work in the future either. At the same time, one mechanism after another is being put in place to support the countries with budget deficits, once again involving taxpayers’ money. We are treating the symptoms rather than eliminating the causes. This highly risky strategy will come back to haunt Europe in the short or the long term. It is unreasonable to expect the same hard-working countries always to pay for the mistakes of others."@en1

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