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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, rapporteur, good economic governance in Europe is necessary; of course it is. However, if we vote for these six texts, we will be leaving Member States no freedom to follow investment policies for stimulating growth. At a time when citizens are increasingly losing faith in the EU, when Greece is on its knees and the rating agencies are dictating to States, Parliament should stop this dogmatic insistence on austerity at all costs. The Union now wants to respond to a crisis of the neoliberal model with neoliberal formulas and systematic expenditure cuts, especially in social security, even though this expenditure is known to be a defence against economic crises. Without adding the elements advocated by the progressive groups in this Parliament, I do not see how we can agree to vote in favour of these texts. We would actually be creating a split personality for ourselves, considering that we have adopted resolutions on the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy and that we are drafting reports, as I am doing myself, on implementing the platform to combat poverty. The economic governance that is being proposed…"@en1

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