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"Mr President, I am grateful for the hard work of the rapporteurs, advisors, the Hungarian Presidency and everyone who made it possible for us to have the ‘six-pack’ of economic governance here in this form today. It would be good to think that this package is no longer necessary and Europe’s economic problems will be solved overnight. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Europe is not over the crisis yet, and if we do not act responsibly, we will have to face further crises in the future. I agree with those responsible thinkers who say that we have to adopt a more stringent budget and have to strengthen the Stability and Growth Pact. We have to say it out loud that the European Union has been taking an overly relaxed approach so far, it did not have mechanisms to react to crisis situations, and was therefore unable to respond adequately to the serious consequences of the crisis which caused economic, financial and social disturbances. We cannot let this happen again, and at the same time we have to learn from the failures of the past."@en1

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