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"Mr President, compromise is wise. Certainly the Parliament in its negotiations has gone more than halfway towards a compromise, but I think we have reached the limit. Postponing decision-making on the package does not solve the problem. The problem will not go away. The same problems will face us again and will threaten the whole future of the euro and the EU if we do not have better coordination and more Community method. In the long run the EU is an economic union. We need to get to the core reasons for the problems. We are closer with this package, but we are still not close enough. I think that the reverse qualified majority is one of the issues at the core of the problem. This is not a time for populism and short-sighted policy-making, which, in my view, the Council has been doing to some extent sometimes. The Council, like Parliament, is responsible for Europeans. I hope that the Council, with the Commission and Parliament, will share their responsibility and take the necessary steps on this economic governance package and future actions. If the pieces are not right and not in order, plans for the future and the EU2020 are only futile and nice words, on which basis we really cannot build the future."@en1

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