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"Mr President, the more Parliament boasts of the wonderful progress made on economic governance, the more I want to call on my fellow Members to show some humility, because we are teetering on the edge of the abyss. There are two things to which we need to open our eyes. The first is that the European Parliament has fallen silent during the Greek crisis. We are usually so quick to react to all sorts of events all over the world, with one resolution after another, and yet this fundamental crisis seems to have left us speechless. I deplore the fact that we have been incapable of sending a strong, simple, practical message to the Greek people, to the Member State governments and to Europe’s citizens. The second item relates to the scope of this package. In voting for these six directives and/or regulations, as I hope we will, we will certainly be taking the euro area a step further, and I mean a step, nothing more, towards the kind of discipline that has been so lacking, and its value will be proven in the future. However, we only need to look at the heated discussions around the reversed qualified majority voting system to see how far we still have to go, when it is rules and automatic sanctions we should be talking about. Some people still see the reversed qualified majority system as something to be scared of. However, we must remain firm on this principle. From a strictly political point of view, I am disappointed that the left-wing Members continue to reject the principles of good budget management, against all the evidence. Deficits and sustainable growth cannot go hand in hand. States do need to manage their budgets according to good housekeeping rules, not by revitalisation through public expenditure, which is a short-term sweetener but never a lasting solution. As we approach these next few crucial weeks, our task is now to build new economic union…"@en1
"(Mrs Lulling agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 149(8))"1
"(The President cut off Mrs Lulling)"1

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