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"Mr President, I am very familiar with the proposals made by Mr Bullmann and the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. The only problem with them was that they primarily want more money. The problem cannot be solved by throwing more money at it. As Mr Tarabella has just confirmed, there are opportunities for debt reduction even with socialist involvement. I want to spell it out that the reforms that have taken place in Greece have done nothing to result in the large amount of private Greek wealth genuinely sharing the burden of the costs of the state. On the contrary: since 1 January EUR 59 billion has been withdrawn from Greek bank deposits by Greek citizens, and since 1 January EUR 12 billion of Greek government bonds have been sold. I am demanding that the many wealthy parties in Greece participate actively, and this must be regulated by policy. If they can accept responsibility, then they will be able to benefit from our solidarity."@en1

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