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"Mr President, Commissioner, Minister, ladies and gentlemen, many comments have already been made on the different reports that make up this governance package. What are the most important points, at this stage, to help us appraise the work that has been done? The fact that we have this package today, which is the result of negotiations between the Council and Parliament, already constitutes considerable progress. It fills an obvious gap in the development of the euro, and sadly it took the debt crisis to prompt us to do this. In this respect, we should stress the commendable work done by the Hungarian Presidency and the quality of the negotiators from this Parliament. I would also like to emphasise the results that Parliament obtained in the discussions with the Council, as the latter demonstrated genuine openness. We must remember how the situation used to be and measure the improvements objectively. Having said this, are these provisions satisfactory, and are they enough? There is always room for improvement, of course, but this package already provides real solutions to strengthen the euro area and to create the concerted economic approach that is needed. Can we seriously argue, as the opponents of this package do, that we can build growth on top of a mountain of debt that is continuously put off further and further into the future? To those who blame us for supporting a governance package that is not based on any theoretical or econometric model, I will simply say this: did the models you are talking about foresee or prevent the crisis we are going through and that has not ended yet; or did they lead, instead, to high-risk behaviours under the cover of mathematical truth? Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow Parliament will have to make its decision, and I hope it will send out a signal loud and clear, both to our citizens, to restore their confidence in Europe, and to the markets, to stabilise our currency."@en1

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