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"Mr President, this legislative package is not an answer to the severe economic and social problems being experienced in many countries, which are affecting workers and people in general. They originate basically in increasingly neoliberal EU policies that concentrate financial and political power in the hands of the few. In expanding the demands of the Stability and Growth Pact and making penalties tougher, the outcome of the negotiations reveals the political consensus that exists between the three institutions on the course and main alignments of the European Union. It forms part of an unprecedented attack on the rights of the national parliaments, which are constrained by the EU’s neoliberal guidelines for their countries’ budgets, the aim being to impose austerity measures on workers and people, privatisations and public investment cuts in essential sectors and services. Since the workers’ struggles in Greece, Ireland and Portugal have been in vain, as we know, it is time to do a U-turn and to stop insisting on benefiting only economic and financial business groups, above all in the major European powers. What these legislative documents propose is to perpetuate these intervention measures, which subjugate peoples and countries and transform them into veritable protectorates or colonies. They propose going further down a path that can only lead to economic and social disaster and the actual implosion of the European Union. We are therefore against them."@en1

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