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"Mr President, our task and responsibility here is to ensure that both Member States and the Union as a whole emerge stronger from the crisis, and the economic governance package takes us in this direction. The package – politically unthinkable prior to the crisis and certainly not yet perfect – is indeed a major step forward. It is obvious, however, that to get an agreement is one thing – and it is our duty here – but to see its practical implementation and then to benefit from new rules will be yet another challenge. This reform, introducing a greater amount of automaticity over political bargaining and discretion, will have to pass the test of real life and this will require a strong political will and an attitude of accountability. It is unclear how long it will take before all the institutional arrangements are in place and new rules start bearing their fruit. This uncertainty creates risks and we must not create additional space for these risks. It also remains unclear how the interplay between the European Semester and the new economic governance infrastructure will function, and I also have concerns about the permanent European Stability Mechanism emerging as an intergovernmental tool. I hope that our agreement on the six-pack will pave the way for these instruments to be eventually converted into the Community-based ones. To conclude, let me say that the economic governance package gives us a chance that the winner/loser attitude will disappear from our European reality and that Europe will not become a zero sum game."@en1

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