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"With food security being a key factor in globalisation nowadays, we need to maintain our capacity for being self-sufficient. This means maintaining an ambitious common agricultural policy that can satisfy our most basic long-term need: food. The CAP does, however, need to be tweaked to make it fairer. European citizens would not understand if the bulk of assistance were to go to large agricultural operators: small farmers too must be able to make a living from what they produce, work in decent conditions and be paid fairly. When allocating aid, we must also give more thought to natural constraints, such as global warming, mountain areas and scarce water supplies. The current drought demonstrates that the CAP urgently needs to include practical resources that will allow our farmers to deal with water shortages. I would therefore appeal for a subtle shift in the CAP to make it more relevant and able to guarantee our food self-sufficiency, the vitality of our agricultural sector and the preservation of our rural areas."@en1

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