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"I am delighted to learn that the new common agricultural policy will end the period of discrimination against farmers in certain Member States, including my own. I would like to thank the rapporteur for his work, which is clearly the work of an author who understands the issues involved. I am all the more alarmed by the attempt to establish new discriminatory conditions. The capping of direct payments is a new form of discrimination against Member States in which, for historical reasons, most of the agricultural undertakings manage larger areas of land. These agricultural undertakings comply with the same rules and provide the same services as small undertakings in other countries, and they fulfil the conditions for direct payments equally well. The discrimination against large undertakings resulting from capping may put jobs in rural areas at risk, and stifle innovative potential. If we want to talk credibly about a single market, can we really countenance discrimination against certain Member States in the form of differences in payments per hectare or capping? Farmers from the 12 new Member States have now reached the end of a difficult 10-year period, which they agreed to on the understanding that it was a transitional period which would not be extended. Let us not prolong these inequalities contrary to the spirit of the EU accession negotiations, and let us not damage the credibility of the EU in the eyes of some of its citizens. We are gambling with the future of the EU itself. I would therefore like to call on all fellow Members to support Amendments 10 and 11, which reject the capping of payments."@en1

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