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"The European Parliament must stand up for a strong, fair and well-financed CAP. It is time for us to ensure that direct payments are distributed fairly among Member States, regions and sectors. We need to show European citizens that genuine European solidarity exists and not just pay lip service to it. Mr Dess’s report marks a very small step, but it is in the right direction. I also welcome the measures proposed for maintaining territorial balance in the EU. I am pleased that support is expressed in the report for young people in the agricultural sector because we must combat depopulation of rural areas. It is important that we maintain support for disadvantaged regions and the opportunity for production-related payments in the regions where there is no alternative to a particular production type. I am pleased to note that my request for greater flexibility within the second pillar was also heeded. The situation in agricultural sectors differs in the various Member States. Greater freedom in defining countries’ priorities will offer genuine opportunities for agricultural regions to develop. However, it is important for us to take care that the proposed measures do not introduce further red tape for agricultural producers. Let us send a strong signal to the European Commission and Europe’s agricultural producers, showing our support for a fairer, simpler and more flexible CAP."@en1

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