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"Europe will need a strong agriculture even after 2013, because the principal means of guaranteeing European citizens’ food security is European agriculture. Food production has to remain the primary aim of agriculture, because the world population continues to grow and is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2045. However, we need a strong common agricultural policy and strong agricultural assistance to achieve this goal. I therefore consider it important that pursuant to the report, the agricultural budget be maintained at least at the same level as in 2013 in the next EU financing period. This March, the Hungarian Presidency adopted presidential conclusions serving the interests of European farmers. The excessive price volatility in the previous period is partly the consequence of wrong decisions taken by the EU, for instance the abolition of maize intervention. Thus, we need an agricultural policy which ensures efficient action against extreme price volatility and speculation. The milk crisis made it clear that measures to restrict production are needed in the milk sector. In Member States where there was a higher-than-average decrease in sugar production as a result of the sugar reform, production must be allowed to increase."@en1

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