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"This report proposes the continuity of the common agricultural policy (CAP), though with some contradictions. We therefore take a critical stance, and we have put forward alternative proposals that respond effectively both to the need for agricultural production to ensure food sovereignty and food security in every country, and to the problems of family farming and rural development. These proposals all take into account the social importance of the land and of the people who work it, the specific characteristics of each country and social justice in the distribution of grants, both among Member States and among crops and farmers. That is why we have put forward this set of proposals, in which in particular we clearly and unequivocally advocate the system of production quotas adapted to each Member State according to its food requirements, thus ensuring that farmers in countries such as Portugal are protected. We want to guarantee every country’s right to produce, and we are against liberalisation of the dairy sector and of planting rights in the wine sector. We also want to maintain aid for the distillation of potable alcohol and emergency distillation beyond 2012, and we uphold the ‘existence of market regulation instruments and intervention mechanisms to ensure fair prices for production’, thus countering the deregulating trend of previous CAP reforms."@en1

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