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"Firstly I wish to thank the rapporteur for his excellent work. The final document sends a clear message to the Commission, which is currently in the middle of its internal budget discussion on the next financial programme: namely that Parliament sees the future common agricultural policy as one that is capable of delivering for the European economy in terms of employment and growth. It is a policy that will deal with the challenges of food security; it is a policy that will deliver public goods, protect the environment and enhance biodiversity; and it is a vehicle for tackling climate change. Reducing European farmers’ capacity and hampering their competitiveness and viability with a weak CAP budget would be counterproductive and short-sighted. This is a sector with a wealth of potential for expansion, for growth in the economy, for research and innovation and for tackling climate change. The CAP produces measurable results and a clear return on investment with regard to the delivery of public goods. The CAP post-2014, as outlined in this report, has clear aims and priorities, on which European farmers can and will deliver – but they need the support of a credible budget behind them."@en1

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