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"Agriculture provides security of supply of affordable, quality food; it provides essential protection for the environment and for balanced land use; and it creates jobs, growth and wealth. Giving money to farmers simply on the basis of the amount of land they own cannot be justified. We have successfully pushed to change subsidies, so that 80% of subsidies no longer benefit just 20% of the largest farmers, and in this way we have helped small farmers. We have paved the way for a common agricultural policy that is fairer to the countries of the European Union and to farmers and different kinds of production; that respects the specific conditions in our regions; that is environmentally friendly; and that promotes employment in rural areas. With regard to milk quotas, we have to check whether or not it is in fact a good idea to continue to implement a decision made eight years ago, on the basis of forecasts. This point is extremely important for the Azores in view of the fact that the sector plays a strategic role and quotas have been very important to milk producers until now. I must emphasise this, because alternatives to the milk quota scheme have not yet been put forward."@en1

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