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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to thank everyone for this intense debate, and also for the support that I have been given here. Commissioner, we are all looking forward to your communication in October and then to good, positive cooperation. European agriculture is a positive factor. It feeds more than 500 million people, farms and looks after more than 170 million hectares of arable land and pasture, it provides many jobs in areas upstream and downstream, is an important buttress of rural areas and is already the most sustainable agricultural sector in the world. I therefore cannot understand why President Barroso has spoken of huge cuts in the second pillar. In so doing he is also jeopardising the EU2020 goals – in other words, his own goals. When 14 million farmers are feeding 500 million people, is it too much to ask that European agricultural policy be used to ensure that the 500 million people also provide properly for the 14 million farmers, so to speak? Here I should like to emphasise – as has been mentioned a couple of times today already – that there have been departures from my original report on some matters. I have been in the political game too long, and I know exactly why I drafted the report as I did. Had I written the report as it stands today, what would I have had to offer in the compromise negotiations? I allowed enough margin to ensure that everyone could be pacified, and a good result has been achieved today. My report therefore had a substantial buffer. The result I wanted to achieve was for us to send a signal as Parliament that we are addressing the important aspects that are necessary if European farmers are to have a good future. Once the legislative proposals are on the table, Commissioner, we will then work intensively to achieve a good outcome together. I can already assure you that you are likely to have greater support here in Parliament than some other commissioners would have. We are able to offer you that."@en1

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