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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we will vote in favour of this own-initiative report because the CAP is a fundamentally important tool for European agriculture and for the protection of EU producers and products as compared with non-European producers and products. The main points of the report, which is based on maintaining current funding levels, provide for new and reasonable criteria for allocating funding, since the historical criterion has been abandoned as the parameter for redistributing direct payments. Provision has been made for payments to farms, account has been taken of production output and costs, and payments have been simplified. The report calls for direct payments to be capped and to be restricted to active farmers, precisely so that the recipients are those who actually cultivate the land, not speculators. Another point that we consider significant relates to rural development and to the harnessing of all natural and human potential through quality agricultural production and the protection of mountain areas. One of the objectives of the new CAP must be to integrate new farmers, particularly young farmers, with targeted budget headings, and to reduce burdens and bureaucracy."@en1

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