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"Madam President, food security is one of the challenges of the future. The CAP must respond to this challenge. The new policy must continue with the positive features of the current policy and rectify the errors. I believe that this is what the Dess report does. Two pillars are being proposed: direct payments and rural development. Historical criteria are to be removed and objective criteria are required. There is no suggestion of an equal direct payment for all Member States. There is to be a fair difference, based on geographical and economic conditions, with a minimum and maximum limit in relation to the European average. The emphasis is on the environmental element, which is also being simplified. A strong rural development component is being retained and a request is being made for the amount of funding in the budget after 2014 to be at least equivalent to the 2013 level. I am pleased that Parliament’s first report drafted after the Commission communication features very many guiding principles in common with the latter document."@en1

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