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"Madam President, the aim of the common agricultural policy is to guarantee continuity in the supply of food to Europe’s citizens. We must supply safe and high-quality food at affordable prices. This is what consumers expect. We must care for the environment when producing and processing food. We say yes to the common agricultural policy, and no to its nationalisation. We say yes to a large budget, and no to cuts to the common agricultural policy. Direct payments should be paid according to a simple method and on an equal basis, to all farmers in all Member States. Let us not forget that direct payments account for only part of farmers’ income. Market regulations are therefore important. Good prices and market stability guarantee an income for farmers. We must ensure access to public services such as education, health services, transport services, sport and culture for citizens of rural areas. These are measures which should fall under the second pillar and cohesion policy. Commissioner, let us keep in place a programme which enables us to supply food to Europe’s poorest citizens."@en1

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