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"Madam President, let us admit that it looked like we were heading for disaster with 1 267 amendments. The Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament has therefore chosen to table as few amendments as possible. We are proud to stand strong and united with our shadow rapporteur, Mr Le Foll. We are also pleased to have worked together with other groups and the rapporteur to produce an ambitious compromise. In my view, it is vital that aid should be allocated primarily to active farmers, rather than to landowners. This will foster food security, but also agriculture which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly and which ensures better management of resources and contributes to combating climate change. In addition, we are delighted to see that the greening component will be a compulsory part of the first pillar, while direct payments will be shared out more evenly between individual Member States and different agricultural sectors. In a historic first, we have created a degressive support system based on criteria linked to employment and environmental considerations. As for young farmers, support measures and incentives have been introduced to help and encourage them to set up farms. Essentially, we have all the ingredients needed to allow the Commission and Parliament to work together on defining the new common agricultural, food and environmental policies that we so urgently need."@en1

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