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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, as you have all done already, we must warmly thank our rapporteur for the commitment he has put into this report and also for his stamina in achieving these compromises. I am sure it was not easy, but we have achieved good compromises. We stand for competitive and sustainable agriculture in Europe. That means that our farmers produce food of the highest quality. However, we are also producing a cultural landscape that can be seen, that provides recreational spaces for you all, for all of us, for our society, that provides jobs not just in agriculture but also in tourism and in many other areas. That is a service that agriculture provides for society, but this is respected far too little by society – and sometimes also by us. It is an extensive service, and such an extensive service does not deserve to have the agricultural budget cut if it is at all possible. Commissioner, we support you in your approach of bringing more ecology and more greening into the first pillar. However, this must not result in those countries and those farmers which already have very ambitious environmental programmes in the second pillar being discriminated against by this new approach. A solution needs to be found here that is fair to both sides. Environmental programmes are expensive. When I read in the newspapers – as has been mentioned already by many Members – that cuts are to be made in the second pillar, I reject it vehemently. We need a strong first pillar. We also need – and have spoken out in favour of this – a strong second pillar. We will support you, Commissioner, in these efforts."@en1

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