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"Madam President, the report by Mr Dess is about giving consideration to protection of the environment and the climate in agriculture, as well as increasing the competitiveness of agriculture. We have negotiated good compromises on these points. I feel that we should speak out in favour of well thought through upper ceilings for farms, particularly when the recipients are multinational groups which sometimes receive sums that simply cannot be justified. The Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) is firmly on the side of farmers when it comes to removing bureaucracy. The complete reorganisation of the systems and the associated introduction of additional checks, as called for by others, would make no sense whatsoever. We need to be quite clear about one thing: if consumers expect European agriculture to move further towards greening and sustainability, then the measures concerned have to be given the necessary financial resources. I am firmly opposed to cuts in the EU agricultural budget in the forthcoming budget period. As regards the press reports stating that Mr Barroso, the President of the Commission, wants to take an axe to rural development, I would state quite clearly that if the Commission cuts the programmes for rural development then it will be cutting off the lifeblood of rural areas. Well-functioning farming structures would be dramatically affected by cuts in the second pillar. Mr Barroso would be well advised to heed what this House is saying. The common agricultural policy is and remains a key area of Community policy and of the EU budget. We cannot impose additional constraints on our farms, which are facing increasing global competition, and at the same time reduce their support. On the contrary, investment subsidies under the second pillar will promote a keenness and a willingness for innovation. That will benefit everyone in rural areas. We must particularly implement measures in respect of young farmers, in order to secure the future of agriculture. Our future agricultural policy will decide whether or not Europe is self-sufficient in the future."@en1

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