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"Madam President, the day is finally approaching when a unified agricultural policy will apply in the old and new Member States, ending 10 years of discrimination against farmers from the new Member States. I very much welcome this development. I hope that no new discriminatory conditions will be imposed on farmers in the new programming period. Unfortunately, I have to say that the Dess report contains such a proposal. I am thinking primarily of support for the so-called capping of direct payments for larger agricultural undertakings. I regard such a course of action as discriminatory against Member States such as the Czech Republic, which, for historical reasons, have larger farms than elsewhere in the European Union. I therefore reject the idea of capping direct payments, since this is a move which will reduce the efficiency of agriculture throughout the European Union. The primary aim of agriculture has always been to produce food. Nowadays, however, a number of politicians, above all those from the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance and from the ranks of the left, want to turn farmers into biofuel manufacturers and anti-global warming warriors. I cannot support such developments."@en1

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