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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the Dess report marks the beginning of a new phase in the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform process. It is the result of several months’ hard work by the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, for which I would like to thank Mr Dess and all the shadow rapporteurs and parliamentary groups. Today this House can give a clear opinion on the future of the common agricultural policy: it must be a robust, simple, flexible and greener CAP that takes young people and employment into account. That, Commissioner, is why we are worried by the news in the press today about budget cuts, especially in the second pillar. That would be incompatible with both the Dess report and the report on the European Union’s financial perspective by Mr Garriga Polledo, which we adopted in plenary in recent weeks. The latter report introduced the important principle for the CAP of maintaining the current level of funding in the next financial programming period. Therefore, Commissioner, we would like some clarification about the news that has been circulated, and we would like to know whether as far as you are concerned there are different guidelines from what we have been told up to now."@en1

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