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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, though today’s debate focuses on this important report on the reform of the common agricultural policy, I should like to comment on a side issue that affects us and could affect the viability of the postulates we are defending in Parliament in connection with the reform of the future of the CAP. Next week, the European Commission will present its proposal on the financial prospects for the post-2014 period, in which, if my information proves correct, the Community executive is decidedly intent on proposing cuts to the EU agricultural budget. It must therefore be borne in mind that the European Commission will not take on board the opinion that we will adopt tomorrow, in which we specifically request the expenditure of the common agricultural policy to be maintained. I fail to see how, with a reduced budget, we will be able to rise to all the challenges described in that document; how common agricultural policy subsidies will be made greener, a process we want to ensure will not require an additional effort on the part of agricultural and livestock farmers; how we will be able to achieve this. I fail to see how, with a diminished CAP, we will be able to respond – just to give another example – to price volatility, and establish a budget line, as is our intention, that will rise to the crisis we have come to know so well. The CAP should not be measured merely in terms of expenditure because, in addition to the goods and services it provides, I believe it should be made clear – today of all days – that EUR 1 invested in agriculture generates EUR 10 of wealth in the agri-food sector. This should be very much taken into account when it comes to setting the next budgetary framework. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that negotiations with third countries and with the World Trade Organisation pose a serious threat to the future of agricultural and livestock production in the European Union."@en1

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