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"Madam President, I would like to thank Mr Dess for his excellent work. I would like to talk about one aspect of agricultural policy. That is the enormous challenges that humanity and the whole world are facing. These include the climate, biodiversity and the eutrophication of waterways. There are all sorts of examples I could give here. In this context, I think that we need to realise that it is farmers who manage our environment and the prerequisites for our lives and our futures on a day-to-day basis. It is in agriculture and forestry that we have the best tools and it is for the use of these environmental tools that farmers should be paid, and they should be paid well for this. I would therefore like us in future to change our thinking somewhat and move away from income subsidies, which are difficult to account for, and ensure that we pay for the job that farmers do. In other words, we should stop paying subsidies and start paying for the services provided. The most important task for agriculture is, of course, to produce food – sufficient, good-quality food – but my view is that food should be paid for on the market. Environmental services cannot be paid for there."@en1

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